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All of the timber supplied to us, (Oak, Ash, Beech, Spruce & Larch), is sustainably sourced and processed here on site.  Staying true to our ethos, our felled timber, comes from the heart of our Celtic woodlands, predominately from well managed local forests within Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and other Forestry Commission sites across Wales.

After arrival at site, our timber will be seasoned in our fields for 1-3 years depending on the type of timber. It is then cut and split into firewood logs on our processing machine, before being stored in drying boxes to reduce the moisture content. All of our firewood logs are then Kiln Dried to ensure the moisture contents is below 20% before being stored in our barns, in preparation for delivery across Pembrokeshire. Our Kiln dried wood burns much hotter and cleaner than other woods and therefore better for the environment. 

You can now order directly via our shop page, which is now set up with a secure payment system- so please go straight to our SHOP PAGE 


01348 837179

Monday - Friday (9am - 5pm)


Pwll Caerog Farm, Berea, 

St Davids, Pembrokeshire

SA62 6DG


Send us a message here;

   NB - during periods of high demand, we may not be able to deliver on your preferred delivery date - Please also note this is not a payment order form - for direct payment go to our Shop Page.*

Choose your loads size and wood type - there is an extra charge for 8" logs

Thank you for ordering!!!

Delivered and stacked.jpg

Kelly Bicknell

Absolutely amazing service from all at Pembrokeshire logs. I desperately needed logs and they went out of their way to help.....will defo order again.


Syliva Oliver

Thank you Pembrokeshire Logs for your excellent service, all stacked neatly ready for me to load up the wood burner after work. Brilliant staff and brilliant service.

Claire Howard.jpg

Claire Howard

I cannot thank this company enough for pulling out all the stops with the current weather conditions to deliver their quality logs to keep Bonnie & Clyde warm. We had a few delivered yesterday evening to keep the pups warm and the rest this morning neatly stacked by a little helper. Pembrokeshire logs always go above and beyond and I will continue to highly recommend them. As you can see by Clyde’s face, he’s deliriously happy this morning

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