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Hardwood logs

As with our softwood, our timber is sustainably sourced from across the Celtic region and taken from our Welsh woodlands and forestries. Our Hardwood logs take a little longer to season. It takes on average three years for the Oak, Ash and Beech to be fully seasoned and ready to go. Once the wood is seasoned, here on-site, we chop and split the hardwood into firewood logs for our customers. We normally process them at 10" However, we are more than happy to process them and cut to other sizes, from 7" - 14" if required. 


As with the softwood, the hardwood logs are ideal for log burners, multi-fuel burners or open fires and alike. Our sustainable Firewood Logs are well seasoned & then kiln dried to ensure the moisture content is below 20% and of excellent quality.   These are ready to burn and you will not have a problem lighting your fire or keeping warm over the winter. 

Hardwood is delivered and stacked in 0.5, 1 and 2.5 cubic meter, loose loads for your convenience. We also offer mixed loads of half hardwood and softwood should you prefer - many of our customers like to start off with softwood and once you have the intense heat, they then switchover to the hardwood logs to retain that heat and they will burn for longer as they are a denser wood.

As part of our premier service, we pride ourselves in the delivery of a warm and friendly customer service. We will always go the extra mile to ensure our customers are supported. People often search on the internet for " Logs for sale near me " we say look no further !! 


As part of our inclusive service, we deliver and stack away your firewood logs for your convenience free of charge, across the whole of Pembrokeshire.  Wherever you want them, we will put them and leave it clean and tidy. 


Orders can be placed over the phone, or using our web form, by email:  or via Facebook   @pembrokeshirelogs - please ensure you provide your name, address, postcode and contact number along with the type of firewood and load size required. 


Payment can either be made at the time of order or on delivery once you are happy. We are happy to take card payments, cash / cheque on delivery, or BACS transfer - PayPal payments are also an option. 



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