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Products and Prices 

Nets of Logs 7" - Softwood £6.00 each

Nets of Logs 8" - Hardwood £8.00 each

Nets of Kindling 7" - Softwood £6.00 each


Nets Log length 7" - 8" ideal for small log stoves and fire pits. Delivered & stacked for you. 

........Commercial enquiries are welcome........

1/2cuM Builders Bag - Softwood logs £70

1/2cuM Builders Bag - Mixed-wood logs £80

1/2cuM Builders Bag - Hardwood logs £90

(£5 surplus charge for 8" logs)

1cuM Builders Bag - Softwood logs £120

1cuM Builders Bag - Mixed-wood logs £140

1cuM Builders Bag - Hardwood logs £160

(£10 surplus for 8" logs)

The logs are stacked in the bottom to ensure the bag is then evenly and tightly filled.  As part of our premier service, we deliver for free across the whole of Pembrokeshire and stack away your logs for you. People often search on the internet for " Logs for sale near me "We say look no further !! 

2.5cuM Tipper Load: Softwood logs £265

2.5cuM Tipper Load: Mix-wood logs £320

2.5cuM Tipper Load: Hardwood logs £375

(£25 surplus for 8" logs)

*We can also provide larger size loads on request, 

please call the office for prices.

Initially, our quality logs air dried in crates until the moisture content is under 25% they are then finished in our kiln drier to bring the moisture content right down to under 20%.


As part of our friendly premier service, will then deliver and stack them away for you exactly where you want them put - this service is provided free across the whole of Pembrokeshire. NB; we only deliver to addresses in Pembrokeshire.


Meet The Pembrokeshire Logs Team


Ian Griffiths 

 Managing Director

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Ian has raised the bar over the last few years to provide an excellent quality of sustainable firewood logs. He is driven to ensure that we deliver a premier service to all of our customers - investing in a kiln drier is a small example of ensuring we deliver a top quality product and you receive the very best in dry logs that are ready to burn and will keep your house cosy and toasty warm..!!


Paul Ellis

 Site Supervisor

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Paul has really developed and streamlined the processing side of our firewood log business. He was fundamental at bringing in the smaller 6" size, he also saw the requirement to provide 14" for those who needed something a little larger. He is at the forefront of customer services and known for his cheery smile, a welcome sight when walking down the garden path with his arms full of logs.!!   

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Ewan Griffiths
Lead Processor 

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Ewan joined the team several years ago and loves working outside  - he takes great pride in his processing skills and normally delivers a top quality 10" product. When required he can also turn his hand to other sizes. He loves the interaction we have with our customers. He is a definite asset to the team and only stops for tea or coffee when pushed - as we have found we don't have to push too hard..!!

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